The use of stone curing agent
Used more and more in stone at home, kitchen counter, sink, sills, dotted everywhere. You know, stone, like our skin, if not diligently cleaning and maintenance, and can be damaged easily scuffed, lose their original luster and beauty? Protection of home improvement materials, "face", to make your home through customs intact.
Here you recommend different stone conservation supplies, let us lay together the room stone "face battle"!
Marble is a particularly bright light wax to protect-wax, plus bright light marble effect develops through use, durable reinforced stone surface luminosity.
Will be processed when using marble surfaces clean and dry, light wax coating used for cloth, then use fine steel wool or flannel polishing to a bright.
Color: transparent, red, black, Brown, green, yellow, and meet the needs of various types of marble.
Suitable in cool, well ventilated place, avoid sun exposure.
Marble rust inhibitor is a colorless, high oxygen agent for cleaning rust, can be used in any climate, you can clear the rust stains on the marble and metal oxides, and without prejudice to the marble surface.
1, with a clean, white cloth or cotton covered in stains or rust stains on shower Feng Bili marble agent for cleaning rust
After oxidation, the 2, for about 2 hours, check the degree of rust stains less, flush with copious amounts of water.
3, if necessary, repeat the operation above
Applied to stone, desk, kitchen counter and the conservation and processing of marble, granite and other stone surfaces, especially for Spain beige, yellow sand and stone, beige class surface, can be played for a long time after water and stain protection, and heighten the stone color and brightness.
Usage: first stone grinding clean, dry, oil spray or brush evenly with water-proof rock face, waited 15-20 minutes until completely wet stone surface, and excess grease with a clean Towel Bar brushed surfaces, and then let it dry naturally, will receive the ideal waterproofing effect, can be coated with 10~15 square meters per litre.

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