How to use acid base stone cleaner
Acidic cleaning agent can be removed to clean the surface of limy, cement stains, scale and toilet very obstinate, metal oxide stains urine stains, such as acidic cleaning agents.
Alkaline cleaning agents various types of animal and vegetable fats and stains can be removed with mechanical oil and remove the surface layer of wax. Such as enhanced oil cleaner power wax, water and so on.
Acid and alkaline cleaners if they are used improperly, in addition to outside will cause a waste of detergent, clean surface also damaged to varying degrees, and even may cause skin or eye damage.
When using acid-alkaline detergent, so we should pay attention to the following:
Be aware of its purpose and taboo, you should read the operating instructions carefully before use, or consult the vendor Access Guide.
Before use in an inconspicuous place doing sample experiment, under the premise of confirmation will not cause material injury.
According to true dilution ratio dilution and cleaning solvents.
Work wear work gloves, wearing goggles when necessary. Avoid skin or eye contact with cleaning agents.
Cleaner stay clean surface not too long after use, clean with clean water.
Cannot be used in acid-sensitive surfaces, such as certain detergents for marble, glass, metal, and other damage on the surface.

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