Renovated stone just three steps
First step the stone surfaces clean, clear the dirt permeating stone material, has been completed, painted rust remover. Marble rust remover, rust is slow, heavy rust requires 5 cleaning to remove. If the duration is short, the granite rust remover, which Shi Shi class stone corrosive effects, so at least 1 time times or more to use, serious rust only needs two more times to clear.
Second wash with stone, the stone surface is dry, prepared stone coloring agent. In large green stone, for example, green and black mix two colorants according to 1:0.3 and add diluent 1 time times the stone coloring. Use the thinner one is to decrease the concentration of colorant, the other is the coloring agent permeating stone material deeper parts.
Third step paint stain and Protectant. Stain brush requires uniform, after brushing aside for 2 hours or more after dry wipe surface and floating on the surface. Check whether the coloring evenly, if uneven, construction should be repeated colouring. After you determine the correct brushing brightening stone Protectant, wipe surface of fluid after 2 hours. Stone conservation comprehensive management of stone disease, not only applies to old stone, apply equally to the newly installed stone, such as newly installed large stone color, color processing. Stone colour, light colored stone into yellow, red, green, black, etc. Comprehensive treatment of stone by stone, illness and identify. The construction some careful observation, thoughtful, and test full, reasonable process, programme details, the only way to best effect.

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