Cleaning companies have to seize the Chinese market in foreign countries whether Wolf?
Cleaning industry, it is human "community" is closely related to, and closely connected with the commercial, industrial and other economic development. Unique characteristics in fertile ground as China has a huge potential for development. Hangzhou Procter maintenance expert, Zhang pointed out that emerging clean industries after decades of development, China has become across the two major industries in the area of industrial and service industry, output value reached 320 billion yuan, and an annual growth rate of 25%.
However, the late start, talent and technology funds, industrial scale has not been formed, as well as product standards, standards of service deficiency, consumption, and many other factors restricting our conception of cleaner industrial development boards. Many cleaning companies in foreign countries to seize the moment, seize the Chinese market. Germany Kai Chi, and Ecolab, United States Tennant clean, diversey, 3M and other foreign brands are great strides forward, they not only in the Chinese market through an extensive Distributor Agent chain to expand market share, at the same time, they pay more attention to advanced clean concept of publicity, and potential customers.
Hangzhou cleaning maintenance experts here today told me that as far as they know, these advanced enterprises sold their products, simultaneously they provide customers with appropriate cleaning solutions or skills training. From another perspective, they sold more of a technical service.
Compared with many domestic cleaning market is not mature, we can see that the gap between domestic cleaning companies and clean business abroad: the former is more focused on the product itself, and is the price, which is more of a quality. However, we also do not pay for that domestic cleaning businesses in no, many cleaning companies such as Guangdong Baiyun, Shenzhen Wal enterprises, their concept of development is through constant innovation, narrowing the gap with international markets and establishing their own brand names.
Last Hangzhou cleaning company maintenance experts told author, face Hangzhou local clean Enterprise brand weakening of development status, they never can so and take closed strategy, refused to abroad advanced products, and technology of into, instead, they will to open of attitude to face abroad clean enterprise, through introduction and funds, efforts improve industry level, learning abroad of advanced management experience and clean concept, put it into for change China traditional clean concept, open closed market of weapon. Only in this way, in the development of the competitive market to develop a blue ocean.
On June 28, 2011, new forces-Karcher Cup 2011 China clean industry top ten award presentation ceremony in Beijing come to an end. Excellent cleaning companies at home and abroad in the guesthouse common bloom glory, brand, image promotion, trade, communication ... .... Clean ten big opened a promotion at home and abroad clean window of enterprise collaboration and win-win. In the cleaning industry this big cake to form a section on sustainable development of stable-value chain, the need to work together!

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