11 considerations for construction of stone protection
1, they stone must be completely dry, moisture should not exceed national standards. Have a broken edges, corners, cracks and holes should be patched, and meets the construction requirements (except for special requirements), to be constructed.
2, the stone must be clean. Protection should be before construction surfaces from dust, cement clinker, plastic, wax, and other dirt is clean. If dirt permeating stone material, you can use stone cleaner for cleaning. Shall not use non-stone cleaner, avoid the stone due to unsuitable cleaning agents appear darker, large areas of yellowing.
3, construction should be non-guard to protect party in stone to prevent pollution. Protection may be exposed to experiment, such as have an impact on other material, should also do the protection work.
4, penetrating-type construction should ensure that there is sufficient protective agent permeating stone material inside the protective agent permeating stone material depth should be no less than 1mm construction of enclosed protection must be applied evenly into wax thickness shall not be less than 0.1mm.
5, less spraying method should ensure that the relative air flows, construction should be far away from
6, construction of protective environmental temperature should be within 5 ° c above is appropriate.
7, must be uniform coat of Protectant, not drain brush, otherwise it may result in uneven stone wet wet and dry after water, and the formation of new lesions. Protection and conservation before use of construction stone, during which no contact with rain, a lot of moisture in the exam for.
After the construction of 8, protection of stone blocks stacked or dumping interval code, separated by a rigid no contamination between two pieces of stone, and to maintain it.
9, if revealed some places leakage brush protection construction shall promptly remedy with solvent based protective agent.
10, a coat of protective agent usually refers to protective agents in stone on the surface to be treated as a whole criss-crossing both to the brush again.

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