Stone sealing method
Stone it can't breathe like a person, which consists of a variety of crystals, each Crystal is composed of different minerals, crystal structure of these minerals form determines it is marble, and limestone or granite. In order to ensure the integrity of the Crystal must be exposed to air in particular, oxygen in the air, so you must let them breathe. In addition, when water came into the stone to flow through the gap to the outside to evaporate.
Is also rarely take into account the most important thing about the stone structure of crystals in interaction and survival in the pore millions of bacteria. After a long study, it was found that in terms of keeping the stones intact bacteria appear to play an important role, but how it is done? It remains to be seen. In order to ensure that these bacteria survive and multiply, using sealant cannot harm them not only to promote their activities. Stone conservation
Acrylic sealants or impregnating agent to avoid using, because they can clog pores and kill bacteria, completely blocking the flow of water in the stone, for whatever reason, as long as the stone becomes damp, will result in the stones crack. If sealants used excessive and not properly cleared, keep it damp, sealants under the stone will fade Dim.
Great sealants should be natural, fatty acid products such as SOAP. Daily cleaning, which can be auxiliary, while cleaning. More important fatty acids to gently filled into stone clearance. Fat is waterproof, it prevents water from entering inside the stone, so you can avoid the stones been dyed. Most important is to provide nutrients for bacteria, so that they survive and multiply in a comfortable environment.

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