Different curtain cleaning taboo
Curtain cleaning like frequently washing clothes, but dirty is to wash off the stains in a timely manner. Dirty curtains are generally dusty and different materials, cleaning methods are not the same. Of course have different taboos.
Cleaning company, Harbin tips: different cleaning methods are not the same
Hang long curtains of dust pollution, needs cleaning the following cleaning methods will be helpful to you. Curtains made with conventional clothing, may use the wet cloth to scrub, conventional methods can also be placed in water or wash in the washing machine, use a neutral detergent. Easy shrink fabrics should be as dry as possible, it is not easy should contact the seller and to enlarge the size of large ironing.
Canvas or linen curtains, after washing, drying, it is not directly in the water cleaning should wipe back and forth with a sponge dipped in warm water or SOAP solution, dry rolled up.
Velvet curtains dirty, soaked in neutral detergent in liquid curtains, hand, wash-House, on the ramp on the shelf, let the water drain.
Electrostatic flocking curtain (light fabric) does not too easily, without regular cleaning. But if cleaning should not be soaked in water rubs washes or cleaning, simply use the cotton gauze dipped in alcohol or gasoline and gently rub on the line. If the cloth is too wet, avoid twisting, so as not to fluff off, affect the appearance. Correct cleaning method is to use both hands to water or let it dry naturally, so that you can maintain the flocking fabric appearance.
Drapery curtain head, soaked with water, then add soda wash, then use a mild detergent or soapy water twice. To gently rub when you wash and final rinse. Needed for drying up, put on a clean table, or frame.

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