Correct selection of stone curing agent
First, the selection of stone curing agent
1. According to protection requirements for selection, if the purpose of protection is to prevent efflorescence, rust, etc, generally use the organic silicon stone curing agent can achieve the result; if the protection is comprehensive waterproof and stain-resistant ability, General organic fluorine stone curing agent to be used in order to achieve the desired effect.
2. If the structure is a dense stone, such as white crystals, white suggested the use of oily stone conservation agent. Because solvent composition of penetration, and can even go to the stone within the protection structure of stone, oily water and stone conservation agent can be used.
3. If it is a restaurant, cooking benches, driveways or other easily polluted places, of organic fluorine stone conservation agent is recommended to improve the ability of stone surface stain resistance.
4. If outdoors, you can choose a silicone type curing agent, but required water resistance and UV resistance and acid resistance.
5. If it is wet or Grouting installation, suggested the use of bottom surface of the stone special curing agent for bottom and four side protective treatment. Selection of curing agent should pay attention to the bottom surface curing agent of resistance to, and does not affect bonding fastness of stone and cement.
6. Now has many customer like in hair surface stone surface made film type conservation processing, this engineering recommends selection used organic silicon for raw materials of into film type stone conservation agent, this products hardness good, stick received strength high, resistance UV easily yellow; don't easily used to acrylic for raw materials of ground sealed agent (into film type), this products main for end of surface sealed and design, in stone surface using often has peeling and color phenomenon occurred.
7. If the stone is made of black stone, darker, because stone is used after the protection agent is very easy to change color, so choose the stone material protection agent must first do sample testing, properties, effects and requirements of the final selection.
Second, the Harbin stone conservation considerations for selection of stone protecting Agent
1. Don't just look at the product specifications, field testing by about any product before we can determine whether you can use.
2. When you choose a product, don't be fooled by products the surface hydrophobic effect and surface effects are only temporary, and test again after removing the surface remains, is the real effect of the product.
3. Note to use stone curing agent after use will not change color of the stone, is easy to remove surface residues, do not affect the brightness of the stone surface.
4. Construction is one of the important criteria of selection of stone curing agent technology is too complex and would lead directly to the rising cost of.

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