Tips for eliminating toilet odors
Eliminate the smell toilet toilet odors often causes a lot of complaining, would also make customers unhappy. Try following these simple methods, you may be able to reduce the number of these complaints at once!
First, and most important, to maintain the pleasant smell in the toilet, thorough cleaning is a prerequisite for billions of years. If books are not properly clean and smell old. Cleaning company in Harbin here are some tips:
1, always use clean water to MOP the floor. If you wash MOP water is dirty, dirty when you sweep the floor when the water will return to the floor.
2, make sure that all items have been cleaned up. Housewives usually forgotten under the region including urinals, COMMODE bottom, after toilet wall and vents clean is very important, so that you can ensure that the air is entering the toilet clean.
3, odor control products can have very good results, but if correctly clean the toilets, the effects of odor control products, but if you properly clean the toilets, odor control products would be better.
4, if there are odors, cleared the floor drain and clean it thoroughly, then with half a gallon of water mixed with neutral detergent wash drains. Now you no longer smell in the toilet!
Detergent use
(1) clean porcelain spirit spirit clean porcelain stone is a commonly used decontamination detergent, stone will apply to such clean porcelain surface dirt, acid is weaker than strong spirit clean porcelain, but also have a certain degree of corrosion, use caution when appropriate.
(2) oil Remover is a special decontamination and stain cleaner, diluted with water when used; mainly applies to remove food grease stains and industrial oil, used in kitchens, restaurants, food processing industry, factories, parking lots and other grounds. Recommendations on water 1:1?10, PH: 12?13.

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