Cleaning method for carpet cleaning
A carpet cleaning, preventive:
Dust laying the door mat and decorative ashtray bin.
Second, regular carpet cleaning:
Carpet cleaning and removal of large pieces of garbage. Carpet in the process of maintenance, cleaning is an important part. So should vacuum every day out of the carpet of dust, sand, etc. If is chunks of paper mission, and toothpick, and shell like debris, should first with garbage shovel and the Mouser broom will its cleaning, then again with vacuum cleaner sucking dust, such can prevent vacuum cleaner pipes blocked or toothpick like of Lee real thorn broken dust bags, as found carpet Shang has many water, should timely instead sucking water machine or carpet pumping wash machine, case vacuum cleaner sucking water copies and damaged parts. The corridors are places people go, upright roller brush vacuum suction should be used, the effect is better, because it can hide in carpet fibers at the bottom of the dirt and sand tablets of sucked, and comb loose carpets, to restore the original soft.
Three, carpet stain removal
Local daily maintenance of the carpets. Maintenance of the carpet, no matter what kind of texture carpet, contamination should be cleared immediately. If you wait until the comprehensive carpet cleaning to clean stains spreading or infiltration into the carpet fibers. Clean stains can reduce the extent of damage the carpet to the future cleaning easier.
Four local clear classification of stains, carpet and method:
A,, and water-soluble stains (alternate of tool has): mobile small watering can, and soft hair brush, and white dry towel, and strong carpet to dirt agent, and water will strong carpet to dirt agent (against good water) with small watering can by outside to within spray in carpet stains Shang, with soft hair brush from outgoing within wipe except stains, again with dry towel will dirt real water sucking dry, then again with water spray brush once, sucking dry. If the stain is not completely clear, and should repeat the method scrub until the stains disappear.
B, oil-soluble stains (backup tools above, equipped with a carpet oil Remover) will carpet oil Remover from the outside in to spray oil on the carpet, wipe with soft brush from the outside light, surrounded by dry towels will sweep off the oil to absorb, then use the carpet stain removal agent spraying brush (as above). Then spray with water, blot. If not obviously clear, repeat the above cleaning method multiple times, until the oil removal.
C, and glial class stains: (alternate tool supplies: except incense mouth rubber solvent, and not with sharp of small iron shovel knife, and garbage shovel even hair brush) will except incense mouth rubber solvent directly spray in incense mouth rubber or glial of stains Shang, makes incense mouth rubber of, then with small shovel knife broke hardening of rubber class dirt real, again with small shovel knife shovel dirt real, put its timely cleaning off.

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