Household cleaning customers more and more
Every year during the Spring Festival, maintains cleanliness the company significantly increased the volume of business, and this year is no exception. Although Spring Festival in nearly two months time, but Procter, Harbin reservation has increased considerably.
Cleaning company in Harbin, the staff received a call from came before the scheduled Festival cleaning from time to time. Company in charge, beginning in mid-this month, a public appointment in succession before the Spring Festival family cleaning business and is expected to be in early December, reservations will peak. Cleaning company before the Spring Festival, Harbin and household cleaning appointment earlier in the day and after the national day after the telephone booking to the public.
Cleaning company in Harbin: "starting from October ushered in the peak of our company, our industry, our company is at this time a predetermined number of times. "
Relatively simple housekeeping service before the Spring Festival, most are asked to do the room clean, including glass, floor waxes, cleaning the range hood, such as carpet cleaning, furniture maintenance, Harbin. Found in in an interview with reporters this year compared with previous years, before cleaning a predetermined difficulty will increase, because the cleaning companies to ensure complete contract before cleaning the case, would only accept individual bookings. With the accelerating pace of life of the people, time to invite people to come and do household cleaning contract customers and members more and more customers.
Cleaning company in Harbin: "to our company, to our contract customers and members of customer-oriented, in the case of our contract clients to ensure it can fit an appointment. "
Procter said that with the increase in bookings is expected in early December after, before the cleaning fees will be based on the current price of rising 30% to 50%.

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