Professional cleaning is gradually becoming a new consumption fashion
With the improvement of people's living standard, interior decoration of buildings tend to be high-end, complex, humane direction of development, all kinds of expensive decoration materials and facilities is widely used, due to human and natural factors, directly affected by the pollution. So, whether it is cleaning of outer surfaces of building or indoor interior cleaning, cannot be met by the traditional cleaning methods, needs a professional cleaning company, Harbin service.
In all large, medium and small cities and developed areas of hotels, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, government agencies, hospitals, factories, research institutes, libraries, exhibition halls, cinemas, and many luxurious all kinds of business and entertainment, are equipped with central air conditioning. Installing central air conditioning only Beijing property amounted to more than home, and average annual increase rate of 10%. Between hundreds of thousands of other provincial capitals, also has dozens of intermediate cities ranging from hundreds of. According to the experts, there are about 5 million central air conditioning waiting for cleaning. Therefore, "hiring a professional cleaning" is becoming the trend of the times and a new consumption fashion.
In parallel with the economic, political and cultural activities, also stimulated the rapid development of the professional cleaning market. Around the arts and cultural festivals, exhibitions, trade fairs and investment promotion activities, and cleaning of the property market is a buyer's market in an exciting situation. Government activities actively promote patriotic hygiene and appearance city appearance, creating national health city every year, excellent tourism cities activities; offices and factories and service industries in each of image engineering, sanitary inspection, compliance activities, is pregnant with the considerable market. So the professional cleaning industry has started to become a very attractive and promising investment field, is getting more and more investor attention and favor.
Developed countries in the world, specializing in the cleaning industry has a history of decades of development have been integrated into a detailed division of labor industrial chain and a large workforce, according to the world cleaning supplies Association (ISSA) statistics show that cleaning supplies maker's turnover reached tens of billions of dollars a year. According to statistics from China's Ministry of information industry, China's annual 300 billion yuan in potential professional cleaning market, is the world's largest professional cleaning market.

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