How to reduce indoor formaldehyde pollution
1, reasonable design, the number of Control Panel.
2, buy quality sheets (furniture), test report.
3, buy formaldehyde-free glue and paint and other supporting material.
4, panel back in time after formaldehyde treatment.
5, decorating the ventilation after a period of time to go back.
6, still they would consciously as many Windows open for ventilation.
7, after the arrival of some spider plants, helped Lang Hua (also known as Gerbera), golden green, no flower ornamental birch, Aloe Vera, ceriman and tradescantia plants, these plants are able to absorb formaldehyde in varying degrees, to further reduce the indoor formaldehyde concentration.
Experts reminded the public misunderstanding of alert are as follows:
One, as long as the environmental plate there is no formaldehyde
Many people think that "eco" or "green ' plates will not give formaldehyde, this view is wrong. The plates actually meet environmental standards also release formaldehyde, is relatively small. In addition, if environmental protection is not only sign depends on the data in order to determine whether they meet environmental standards.
Second, ventilation alone can solve the problem
Windows open for ventilation is often medical experts unanimously recommended healthy habits, but if the indoor formaldehyde pollution and ventilation is not fundamentally solve the problem alone. According to Japan scholars ' research results, completely free of formaldehyde in Panel ventilation takes 3-5 years, most take up to 15 years ' time, compared with only several months of ventilation is not fundamentally solve the problem. Some would say, to live in can continue after airy. But in the hot summer months, you are air conditioning or open it? there is cold and windy winter?
Third, some spider plants and Aloe Vera can clear formaldehyde
Scientific studies proved that some plants can absorb formaldehyde, but very limited absorptive capacity, if you want to use several strains of Spider plant or Aloe Vera to clear formaldehyde pollution due to fitment is tantamount to the bucket. For example, you can use a small piece of sponge to wipe the tub surface water break, but you can count on this sponge sucking up a bathtub full of water? we recommend that when the concentration of formaldehyde in your home has been reduced to after the eligibility criteria, preferably in some spider plants or Aloe Vera at home to further reduce formaldehyde concentration, creating a more healthy and comfortable living environment.

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