Home air conditioning cleaning specifications
Before cleaning a priori models record performance parameters
According to specification, cleaning maintenance Qian should first view air conditioning of information, confirmed products model, and production date, and installation records, and using years,, cleaning Qian also to records main performance parameter, as run voltage, and current, and system pressure, data, cleaning Hou also to connection air conditioning power, boot for identification, test air conditioning refrigeration, and business hot, and sent wind, and temperature control, performance whether normal, power distribution line installation whether normal and so on. Also check the refrigerant leakage, easy to wear and tear parts of wear and so on.
Cleaning process of disassembly do not pollute the environment as much as possible
Normal air cleaning procedure is to turn off the power, to ensure safe operation, staff wear the necessary protective equipment, supplies, and use a neutral or weakly alkaline cleaning agent, cleaning tool and method to ensure that the air conditioning does not produce corrosion, failure and other permanent damage. Requires staff to disassembly and Assembly procedures, respectively, to remove the Panel and top cover, side panels, air parts, filters, louvers, air box Assembly, drain pan, evaporator Assembly, require cleaning after seeing the original metallic luster. Paved clean protective equipment before cleaning, removing, wash, wear in the course of protecting the air conditioning parts, when cleaning windows open for ventilation, to prevent dust and polluted, debris collection bag to ensure users clean. Air conditioning cleaning and maintenance or to try to save water, electricity and cleaning drain on resources materials.

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