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The stone material protection

The stone material protection

Stone material waterproofing is a generic term, also called the stone material protection. Preventing many substances cause against stone, or a deep colored dirt permeating stone material, most commonly there are water stains, grease, stains, coffee stains, and other colored stains.
  Stone material waterproofing systems are divided into two kinds: oil repellent, water repellant. There are many kinds of common, usage and protection functions are basically the same.
  Oily protective agents are generally used for rough stones, such as all kinds of fire, stone, Slate, travertine, etc, before brushing, you must first clean up the dust on the surface of stones, until the stone interior moisture dry thoroughly so that you can brush protective agent, then brush evenly coat of protective agents in stone surfaces, brushing, 2-3 times. Special stones need special treatment.
  Wide range of waterborne protective agent used, body oil is a type of organic silane solution, can penetrate deep in the stone 8mm above, to form a solid network of water protection and long-term effective protection of the substrate. Waterproof, stain, acid and alkali, anti aging, anti-mildew and many other features. Alkali salt-tolerant function better. Use does not change after the stone color and protect stone breathability. Is a colorless, strong smell of buildings and cultural choice of protective agents. Application of natural stone, artificial stone, ceramics, tiles, cement products and other porous materials for protection, but not recommended for the base material such as sa

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