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Height glass cleaning

Height glass cleaning

Glass cleaning is not a simple and everyone can do things, have skilled experience in cleaning and reliable facilities of security awareness. From our cleaning staff is assigned to families through good training within the company and personnel with high skills, both in safety awareness as well as on the civility, it has always been our customers trust and recognition. We using of is a new of glass clean agent, is used natural extraction real, environmental formula, it nontoxic, and tasteless, and smell aromatic, for for various buildings in the of glass, car glass surface of dust, and oil, and paint points, various dirt, can enhanced glass of dust, anti-fog capacity, and can itself keep glass surface of clean light, and on glass no any corrosion role.
  First, in the process of cleaning the glass, first to firmly seat belts, ready for cleaning tool and the medicament, and then scrub the glass, from the outside in, from top to bottom, unable to stand in the glass window scrub.
  The second surface, window frames, glass surfaces, such as paint, glue, cement, using the glass scraper, clean the ball and solvent for removal.
  Third, the glass surface cleaning method:
  1. dissolve glass cleaning liquid sprayed on or use water soluble cleaning solution applied to the glass surface, and then with a clean cotton cloth to wipe clean and bright.
  2. dissolve glass cleaning liquid or a clean King wash solution sprayed or painted on the glass surface, glass blown away, and then with a clean cotton cloth to wipe clean.
  3. use spray glass cleaner on the glass surface with a clean cotton cloth to wipe clean or scratch glass NET, glass generally applies to a large glass.
  4. cleaning is complete, use a clean cotton cloth inspection can only make the glass clean and bright.

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