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Advertising plaques cleansing

Advertising plaques cleansing

A, cleaning preparations
L. material: first establish the need to clean used Billboard material, is organic plastic film or billboards and so on.
2. power: all bright and clean water, glass cleaner, mild detergent, stainless steel brightener.
3. the tools: Spider-Man series tools, ladder rack, high pressure spray gun, a soft scrubbing brush, spray bottle, cleaning cloths, sponges, scouring.
Second, construction
1. look at billboards and texture;
2. local experiment, if there is no reaction to normal operation
3. selection of Pharmacy and tools from the top down, construction of large area.

1. in view of the particularities of Billboard cleaning, entire site must have been renovated or have effective measures to protect the places that have been cleaning is not affected.
2. There shall be no miscellaneous personnel access to the construction site, enter the scene must be consent of Health maintains cleanliness and adequate measures to guarantee safety.
Four acceptance criteria and considerations for
1. after cleaning the Billboard neat, clean, and beautiful like new.
2. clean down not too fast, so as not to leak, watermark, effect of cleaning effect.
3. depending on the advertising boards in different, some acid or too alkaline cleaning agents should not be abused.
4.4 or above wind-weather is not fit to the job.
5. to 2-story Billboard above the job you must use seat belts.
6. Note: Billboard cleaning take appropriate protective measures (such as completely cut off the power, seat belts, etc)

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