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Glass curtain clean

Glass curtain clean

  Rope, safety ropes, hanging plates (plate), seat belts, self-locking, u-card, barrels, high pressure water pipes, glass coverall tool, scrub brush, rubber gloves.
  1. work rope material for nylon, specifications 18MM (pull for 240000 Newton, collection 2 tons half around), its role: main for hanging plate seat Board Xia hanging, ascended job with, work rope through fell buckle within of active section connection hanging Board formed high hanging Board series, life rope and high personnel body of belt Shang of since lock hook connection, formed ascended personnel of by Qian system.
  2. hanging Board, also known as Board, composite material is shrunk into. Strap for textile, and has some strength, and its role: the upper hanger under construction. Air staff sit on the hanger plate sliding up and down operation, skid plate fracture cross section loaded more than 44000 Newton.
  3. the belts, made of textile, belts made of two integrated shoulder and a belt, and through self locking hook and rope into one.
  4. lock material stainless steel.
  5. u-card 18MM high strength steel is made of u-shaped buckles, pins and bolt connections.
  6. a glass coverall tool for marble cleaning tools. (Including painting water, glass, stone blade, longer rods, water-absorbing sponge, scrub brush, clean ball. )
  7. high pressure hose: transparent hose and high pressure hose.
  Special cleaning fluid
  1. characteristics: this product does not contain solvents, it does not hurt the skin, does not pollute the environment. After using this product, easy to dry, do not leave water marks, and a shiny protective film on the glass surface of the glass surface with dust isolation and increases gloss.
  2. application: building glass, coated glass, radiation-proof glass, mirror-like surface.
  3. usage: according to the degree of dirt coated glass or aluminum surface, this product is diluted in different proportions, and then directly to the wall surface. When cleaning, professional apply cleaner on the glass of water, then dry them with professional glass scratch can be. Different outer wall decoration materials, using different cleaning fluids. Is as follows:
  Granite: with compact structure, uniform and hard, wear-resistant, acid-resistant characteristics, appearance, and the like. Note: depending on the characteristics of granite, should pay attention to the use of cleaning agents when cleaning, you cannot use the alkaline chemicals.
  Architectural glass: silicate glass is silicon dioxide as the main ingredient. Production of glass raw material quartz sand, sodium carbonate and calcium carbonate. Note: due to the construction the main ingredient is silicate glass, so you should use neutral agents.
  Third, the cleaning procedures
  1. bring Spider-man to the top, below the known construction of barrier-free and pedestrians.
  2. Select fixed belay points work in prison, put a rope down the floor downstairs with cushion pad line with floor contact points (preventing floor worn rope)
  3. Spider-man staff back belts, through u-card tied to ropes, tools placed in the barrel, and then the spigot on the base plate and firmly fixed.
  4. staff overhaul passed, down to sit on the Board.
  5. workers adjust the work rope so that it tightens, confirm seat started after cleaning.
  Note: should pay attention to rope from head office to prevent wear, power lines and thunderstorms, windy weather not homework.
  Four, security practice for
  L. must be carefully inspected before working machinery and equipment, tools, rope, thwart, seat belts for damage, ensure a good mechanical properties and appliances free of abnormal operation.
  2. rope, safety ropes must be separated from root and tied to death, relying on narrow necked to pad a soft, to prevent wear and rope, rope end must have contact with the ground, ropes were also to temporary safety ropes.
  3. induction before the construction put on overalls, wearing a helmet, induction when the first seat belt lock (safety rope) and then fasten the shackles (action line), while buttons to tight, solid die.
  4. the following string, head upstairs and the construction supervisor to give direction and help.
  5. when assistive devices to be tightly fastened. In case of wounding, slapstick and no laughing and carrying other unrelated articles;
  6. upstairs, the ground guardianship personnel to stand firm on the construction site. Effectively perform their duties. Always observe the operating rope, safety rope tension and rope, the rope phenomenon, found that the problem reports in a timely manner, ruled out.
  7. floor care workers are not free to walk back and forth on the edge of the roof. When needed, you must fasten their safety rope, then aided work. The ground guardianship personnel shall not be read on the construction site, but not free to watch other scenes. And to stop pedestrians from entering dangerous areas and cord, throw rope phenomenon occurrence.
  8. operation rope, safety ropes required when shift, from top to bottom, care workers and ancillary workers have to coordinate together in place, not to lay the rope when tied tightly.
  9. construction to landing, first look at the floors, the walls of the facility, operation rope, safety rope localization and pedestrian traffic, pending the ground guardianship personnel, adjusted, approval slowly declined until ground.
  10. to insist on safe and civilized construction, ensure quality of service.
  11. no party or customer goods, no damaged party or customer facility.
  12. construction of Spider-man and on-site monitoring personnel must obey the head of the unified command and management.
  Five   1. climatic conditions: the outer wall clean must be performed in good weather conditions, the wind should be less than 4, level 4 stopped working. Therefore, the work should be determined before the wind, especially in high wind. In addition, rain, snow, fog, poor visibility and high temperature (more than 35 ℃) and low temperature (0 c) and other conditions are not suitable for wall cleaning.
  2. personnel conditions: in order to carry out national security regulations to ensure worker safety and normal operation of equipment, provides air operator must be 18 years of age for male citizens, and after a medical examination and security training, qualified jobs, workers shall not drink beforehand, have physical symptoms such as colds suspended Spider-man.
  3. equipment requirements: external cleaning of equipment must be in good working condition, where the hanger plate has creepy phenomena such as, part of the strands should be immediately replaced with new ropes.

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