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Floor waxing

Floor waxing

, Floor waxing cause
1, stone or wood flooring are not natural weathering protection;
2, increased floor gloss and beautiful
3, anti-slip;
4, make future cleaning easier.
Second, using the tool
1. multi-functional washing machine
2. suction vacuum cleaner;
3. high speed polishing machine
4. air dry machine
5. Tiger clip, drag any wax or towel, squeeze the water wagons, signs and rags.
Third, the use of pharmaceutical
1. high polished surface wax
2. the end of wax
3. free parabolic wax
4. floor cleaner
5. universal water
6. the neutral cleanser.
Four, floor waxing procedure
1. clean up the garbage and debris on the ground and erected construction signs;
2. the Earth with a neutral detergent combined with washing machine and washing;
3. in a clean and uniform drying of the floor surface falling twice of wax and dry;
4. wax after drying, even falls twice on the surface wax and dry;
5. wait until the wax surface after drying thoroughly, with high speed polishing machine polishing pad polishing to a bright surface at a constant speed.
Five considerations, floor waxes
1. wax wax to be as thin as possible for the construction of better, more even better.
2. wax works best between 5-40 degrees.
3. wipe-free high gloss, high speed polishing wax, such as wax, are not within a 24-hour play four more times, wax and facial at the end of the wax must be used in conjunction, you cannot achieve good results.

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