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Stone material crystallization

Stone material crystallization

Hard powders and crystallization is crystal quartz Enhancer with mechanical. Using pressure and thermal chemical reactions on the surface of the stone, the stone under the surface of the pores close, preventing the dirt permeating stone material inside. Play a role in increased surface hardness and brightness, with anti-slip effect.
Polishing machines, water cleaning machines, vacuum machines, multi-functional washing machine, dryer, red scouring pad, white polishing pad and so on.
Second, the use of pharmaceutical
Crystal agent K1, K2, K3. K1 liquid crystal mirror agent is a stone, suitable for darker marble, K2 drops is a stone surface hardening agent, stone finish for hard and light, Crystal mirror and form a protective film on the surface. K3 with durable natural wax resin, and can form high gloss on the surface of the stone, stone repair scratches, lasting also has non-slip performance.
Third, the process
1. clean surface wax layer of stone and dirt.
2. the stone has been worn, uneven surface or deep cross, when prior stone surface renovation must be polished to flat and smooth.
3. Add the tune into a paste after the crystallization powder evenly to the surface of the stone, and sprayed some water keep the stone wet, then wiping or special crystals for polishing machine with white cleaning pad, (grinding and polishing process to the end, keep the ground moist, not too dry), each work area is about 3~5 square meters.
4. the stone surface to be treated after the bright faces, slurry scraper with a wiper to the next area, and just added a few new crystalline powder to continue polishing and polishing method to ground a large bubble use water suction machine when suction, then add a new Crystal operates according to the above method.
5. local surface throughout the crystallization operation is completed, wash with clean water and dry.
Four and the benefits of
1. surface with light effects, keep the original color of stone;
2. does not require maintenance every day after the ground hardened and polished;
3. it is not easy to have a shoe print;
4. are more likely than ordinary wax dry, light
5. surface becomes more rigid and difficult to scratch;
6. hardening can save certain complex problems on the ground, such as wax, wash, wax and other processes
7. have the same effect without having to replace stone
8. money-saving, practical beauty, ideal
9. parts segment does not affect the business.

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