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The stone material renovates

The stone material renovates

Stone due to natural weathering, pollution and knock the weights milling, poor maintenance and other reasons, many dull and uneven, easily hidden na dirt not only shortens the service life of the stone, but also affected the image of the building. The routine care for these damaged stone has been unable to restore to its original state, and then need to process stone surface renovation technology, restore the original color and brightness.
  Refurbished process main is used professional stone refurbished machine distribution to Diamond mill disc by rough mill, and fine mill, and fine throwing three level process will stone damaged surface mill flat to mill sliding, recovery its original natural color, again tie professional pharmacy in stone surface formed a substantial and light of crystal ornaments cover, prevent stains into stone surface for erosion, will stone surface keep long-term bright as new.
  Because of the complex use of such methods of operations, thus a longer time period, high technology, cost is relatively high. The company will be aiming at the stone different renovation programme designed for the consumer.
  1. use equipment
  Stone material renovating machine, multifunctional heavier machine, vacuums absorbing water machine, counterweight, various models of diamond stone tablet pad and all kinds of accessories, such as a dedicated tool, 3M.
  2. the use of pharmaceutical
  Stone Protectant, K3 stone crystalline agent, brightening hardening agent, marble, marble sews up gum cracking stone special agents such as supplements.
  3. construction
  ① refurbished model before, and according to the model of the effect of renovation to reflect refurbishing process.
  II large renovated stone needed for water treatment.
  ③ used marble sews up glue on stones of the same color adjacent to fill the gap, bringing stone to render one of the effects, increase the appearance of stone to achieve seamless processing.
  ④ use of stone material renovating machine, multifunctional aggravated, counterweight, various models of diamond stone, in accordance with the thickness of the abrasive and grinding "mesh number" from coarse to fine the 5-8 procedure for grinding, reaching the ground is smooth, crystal clear stone is appropriate.
  ⑤ hole filling, and sealing: I choose Germany Super marble cracks supplements, follow the process for filling gaps to fill, and after more than two hours of dry curing, filling agent with the stone one.
  ⑥ polishing: after grinding is completed using special polishing equipment overall polishing and polishing materials on the floor, make the stones even more light.
  ⑦ protection: using specialized immersion protection stone protecting agent for stones, preventing the permeability of the material against the outside world.
  ⑧ surface hardening: the above procedure after the stone has been achieved using standard, but surface abrasion strength is not enough, then the stone is in the initial state, so you need on stone surface hardening treatment, lay a good foundation for future conservation. I am using K3 marble Crystal and stone protection agent, the use of imported stone equipment combination polished hardened several times, under the pharmaceutical chemical reactions, achieve surface hardening, and formed a layer of protective film of Super Crystal, stone reaches maximum brightness.
  4. the effect of
  A renovated stone surface without impurities, brightness of more than 120 degrees, 2-3 increase in hardness Mohs hardness.
  5. According to the stone surface wear and mild refurbishment, renovation, in depth renovation in three ways.
  ① mild renovation
  Stone surface minor scratches, minor refurbishment process can be used for renovation. Polished with 800# diamond grinding and water for ten minutes, add water in the grinding process, to keep the ground moist and absorbing water machine water absorption to prevent sewage polluting the ground a second time. Change 1500#, 3000# polishing pads, diamond grinding, using the methods above one by one and grinding. Renovation after the program has finished, washed with water and to drain surface water, marble minor renovation work completed.
  ② moderate renovation
  When the stone surface tarnish, no reflecting objects had any deep scratches, moderate refurbishment process can be used for renovation. Use 200#, 400#, 800#, 1500#, 3000# polishing, diamond grinding through grinding, polishing methods, considerations, consistent with the slight renovation.
  ③ depth renovation
  When the stone surface holes, weathering, corrosion, complete loss of gloss and deep scratches, deep renovation process can be used for renovation. Refurbished Qian, first to will holes for patch, method following: first will holes within of dirt real cleaning clean, again dry stone, according to original stone of color and reflective characteristics used imports of epoxy resin rubber or not saturated resin rubber, by color Hou again for patch, using aggravated machine, and distribution refurbished disc and 50#, and 150#, and 200#, and 400#, and 800#, and 1500#, and 3000# polishing tablets gold steel stone mill tablets for one by one of polished. Polishing method and considerations consistent with the slight renovation. Such as Swiss company Ibero-American marble Crystal hard powdered stone hard, in the process of renovation, after the 800# diamond grinding grinding, can be directly used marble Crystal hard powder to hard, processed stone surfaces look like ne

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