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Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Carpet is a kind of upscale ground decoration material, whether it is family, flats, hotels, offices and meeting rooms on the floor after carpet is elegant, luxurious, compared with the hard ground, walking on the carpet are comfortable, soft, easy to stain the carpet, as if his clothes dirty, people very upset.
How will heavy carpet cleaning and maintenance for a long time clean, fresh, soft and resilient? This requires that we have a good quality of special cleaning agent, advanced and efficient cleaning machines and equipment, professional experienced workers and some lasting, achievable programme of cleaning and maintenance. I has a lot to deal with a variety of special stain dirt the technological know-how, I believe will be able to help you out.
1.      imported carpet cleaning machine
2.      rug absorbing water machine
3.     three-speed carpet dryer.
Second, special agents
1. high soaks the rug cleansing agent
2. low foam carpet cleaning agents
3. defoaming agent
4. powerful omnipotent detergent;
5. Universal Degreaser;
6. air fresheners
7. disinfection liquid
8. the pesticides.
Third, the cleaning procedures
1. overall dust;
2. local decontamination;
3. a comprehensive cleaning;
4. pesticides;
5. water absorption.

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