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Care tips for the bathroom
1. applying wax mold eradication. Toilet environment moist, not cleaned for a long time, small tile seams prone to dark green mold. Possible after thoroughly cleaning all over the bathroom, put wax on the tile seams. This will greatly reduce the likelihood of mold.
2. vinegar dip shower open. In the evening after a shower, pour half a cup of vinegar in the basin, then put on some water, and then remove the shower, soak in the vinegar, and the next morning, shower thoroughly clean the water smooth.
3. SOAP to prevent mirror blurry. Put some SOAP on a mirror, and then wipe again with a dry cloth, to form a protective film that isolating the steam. If you have unwanted perfume to clean your mirrors better. Because the alcohol may play a role in the perfume, there are bursts of fragrance.
4. remove the smell in the bathroom. Place lemon peel or dried tea leaves soaked in the bathroom, odor will disappear soon. If the smell is coming from within the toilet, lit a match and threw it into the toilet, the smell will be quickly eliminated.
5. using leftover Coke clear down the toilet. When Coke left only when the sweet, a lot of people have put it away. Pour leftover coke in human yellow toilet, soaking for 10 minutes or so, dirt can be cleared. Note: If the toilet still does not completely remove the dirt can further use the brush in addition.

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