Knowledge of cleaning

Leather sofa maintenance tips
Daily maintenance
1, the newly acquired leather sofas, first with a wet towel (with water), erase sofa surface dust and dirt, the surface lightly with a care agent sofa again one to two times (do not use care products containing wax) so that forms a protective film on the leather surface, making future easy depth dermal pores dirt, easier to clean later.
2, in order to avoid a sharp object scratched leather.
3, to avoid grease stains, ball-point pen, ink and other dirty sofa. Such stains on the sofa should immediately use leather cleaner to clean, no leather cleaning agent, use a clean white towel and mild soap and water wipe gently blot, dry wet towels to dry for later use.
4, in order to extend the service life and try to avoid jumping on the sofa playing, body sweat is not directly in contact with sofas.
5, to avoid direct sunlight sofa, living room often sunlight, may from time to time to prevent sofa intermodulation location color difference is obvious.
Cleaning leather
1 first of all you should know types of leather, in addition to scrub the skin can use professional sofa cleaning and maintenance agent.
2, with cold water (special leather dirty available micro-Wen Qingshui) washed a damp towel or sponge, wring dry with her hands gently rubbing the leather, wipe away dust, dirt, until clean. Let the leather dry naturally and avoid direct exposure to heat or sunlight.
3, each time after cleaning, use a leather protective agent care.
4, special cleaning or cleaning products for leather, and one year for it to be a maintenance cost, leather to retain its high ' feeling.
Avoid placing in direct sunlight and moisture, do not scrub with alcohol, Pearl Bailey, but note that, when you do not force too much, otherwise can damage the paint film and counterproductive.

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