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Five types of car carpet stain treatment
Compared with the car looks, interior cleaning is relatively cumbersome, especially car stall dirty, cleaning more difficult. Some owners believe that vacuum cleaner dust brush head, saving time and effort. Vacuum cleaner liquid contamination just can't help you. Or, take professional detergent. In fact, different kinds of dirt have different solutions. Today summarizing five of the more common small make up for everyone to spread the stain removal methods.
1. meat soups clear
Many cars will get used to eating on the train, especially in the morning hours in tight, bought breakfast, will be out on the road so inevitably some flood water splashing water in the car seat and spots when you wash them off, try vinegar water to clean, then wipe with a damp cloth, everything was back.
2. stain removal
Eating in the car when sauces such as tomato sauce, such as accidentally contaminated carpet, or accidentally printed a lipstick stain on carpets and chairs, do not use SOAP or hot water to wash and wipe. Moisten the right way is to use cloth to wipe, or lightly wipe with a sponge, foam cleanser. Do not use SOAP or hot water to clean the coffee, coke, ice cream, drinks leave a stain, because traces of SOAP and hot water will be fixed on the seat surface, only the first leaching water wipe with a rag, then use foam cleanser.
3. blood clearance
If stained with blood on the carpet, use wet cloth to wipe and drip a few drops of ammonia in the blood, after waiting a few minutes, then wipe clean rag dampened with cold water. Do not use SOAP or hot water to clean, because blood comes to SOAP or hot water will set in.
4. the urine stain removal
If a child is too small to inadvertently get urine on the carpet, use hot soapy water-soaked rag, then 1:1 of ammonia and water solution of soaked cloth covered in wet places, take rag in a few minutes, then wipe clean with a damp cloth.
5. the clear
Vomit is a hate thing, but as soon as possible. After this happens, first sucking vomit water with a paper towel, and then clear the solids, then with warm soapy cloth to wipe over the flooding, the final solution will wipe clean cloth soaked with water and soda.
Most in need of attention are not immerse completely into water for brushing the carpet, it will make it impossible for carpet for a long time to dry and affect the results, causing wet inside the car. On the invasion of bubbles for a long time may damage the carpet material bonding. To sum up, indeed more trouble to clean the carpet, it is recommended that you had better stick with feet

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