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11 attention home health corner
Summary: family health concerns the health of every Member of the family. In daily life, we will keep cleaning, clean family living environment. However, you do not know, homes have so many health corner for you and your family health concerns.
1. brush:
Last month, there will be a lot of growth and reproduction of bacteria on it. There are many pathogens, such as Candida albicans, hemolytic streptococci, pneumococci, etc. Digestive tract of the bacteria directly into the body through the mouth and respiratory tract, causing disease such as diarrhea and pneumonia, also enters the body through oral mucosa damage blood, causing septicaemia and tissue abscesses. Toothbrush should be placed in the Sun, it is best to replace a toothbrush every month.
2. towel:
Towels are placed in the Interior of the household use, even in the bathroom, due to lack of air circulation, towels every day a few times, hard when dry, and very easy to breed breed bacteria, long time is bad for human health, and can lead to skin diseases and so on. Towels regularly cleaned out "sunbathing" disinfection and disinfection with high temperature.
3. broom:
Where broom clean on the surface, but it raises numerous bacteria. Therefore, the family prepared a few more broom, kitchen, bedroom with two different brooms. After washed, dried in a timely manner.
4. bin:
Families use the basin and basin, some people, some are shared by all, with long after the accumulation of dirt, breeding ground for germs, affect human health. Basin barrels should be regularly washed and Sun, in order to protect public safety.
5. carpet:
A bio called ticks and mites thrive on the carpet, who lives on eating people falling on the skin micro-scale to sustain life, touching the body, will seize the opportunity to invade the heart and bronchial, children fell ill more easily. Regularly vacuuming the carpet, cleaning and disinfection. Fabric sofa cleaning a week
6. shoes:
Especially for guest use slippers, leave germs easily by foot of the guests, family members and other guests will be infected foot, has been extremely negative in per capita. Slippers should be cleaned often, but also "sunbathe" disinfection, sterilization or disinfection solution.
7. the rag:
MOP, using the longer, the more bacteria. Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, fungal and other the most. Dish Rag

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