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Rattan furniture cleaning stains five tips
Recently, a lot of readers ' Advisory reporter CANY qualitative furniture cleaning method, they said the rattan furniture used for a long time inevitably dirty, but lost too much and unfortunately, normal cleaning methods are not very well, this reporter consulted a number of experts, to provide readers with a wide range of cleaning methods as an alternative.
In fact, clean rattan furniture is not a complicated thing, SOAP is the best detergents. Bristle paint brush to cut half a small brush, and use them to screen out furniture in the dirt. Rattan furniture in the cleaning to make furniture after a day and a night or two days and two nights before use.
In addition, there are several decontamination methods to refer, first water decontamination method, painted furniture, stained with dust, gauze wet tea leaves available wiping or scrubbing with cold tea, makes furniture clean and bright.
Second, milk decontamination method, use a clean cloth dipped in the expired milk cannot be, then use the cloth to wipe the table, such as wooden furniture, remove dirt very well, and with water and then wipe it again. Third, decontamination of lemon law if traces of wood furniture matches under hot, start with half a lemon to wipe, wipe with soft cloth dipped in hot water. Then quickly wipe with a dry soft cloth to Polish, you can recover.
Four are ash decontamination method, with equal amounts of ash and hot water mixture to wipe furniture surfaces, then wipe with a soft cloth.
Finally, salt water decontamination method, rattan furniture scale for a long time, not only affect the appearance, but not health, but you can't use regular detergent to scrub it, so as not to damage the vines. Best method is to scrub with salt water, not only can the decontamination, would allow the rattan soft rich elasticity. In addition, beer, toothpaste has a cleaning effect.

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