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All kinds of routine maintenance of precious hardwood method
1, maintenance of rosewood: King of red sandalwood wood is wood, wood-containing water, air humidity is too low shrinkage high swells, so don't put in too dry and moist places, surface friction with hard objects should be avoided, so as not to damage the paint and the surface texture of the wood. Rosewood's appearance is often wipe, gloss better, but do not wipe with damp cloth or rough cloth.
2, maintenance of PEAR: wood, thick prick, feel oily, thick aroma. Daily use do not lead on pear-wood furniture, and avoid distortion of furniture. Do not use damp cloth and pear products, not to use soda water, alcohol, corrosive chemicals to clean. Daily light when moved huanghuali furniture with care, do not drag.
3, rosewood maintenance: originally used within two or three years, seasons with solid floor wax a full waxing service. Several years after the "patina" phenomenon, not waxing. Wipe is best to use coarse, furniture more shiny, smooth surface. Rosewood furniture carving and hollowing techniques in more places, in some places is difficult to handle with a cloth. Just brush wipe, brush and Brown the harder, the better. 、
4, chicken-wing wood maintenance: it is one of the most beautiful wood grain timber, delicate materials, hard. Pale ancient temperaments. Furniture usually dirty wipe gently with a moist cotton cloth several times, cleaning every three months you can use salt water purification, is mineral water mixed with salt and pour into a cup or bowl. Each purification can be maintained for three months at a time.
5 maintenance of pear wood, iron: iron wood rot-resistant wear, the price is not expensive, but simple simplicity of temperament were well received by everyone's favorite. Made of furniture should not be placed in the Sun, and it is not close to the stove where high temperatures, such as, the indoor temperature is maintained at 70%-80%, wipe the dust, should be treated with a soft cotton cloth. Room if the ground is not flat, you can use small wood makes the surface smooth to prevent deformation of furniture for a long time.
Hardwood furniture will not be eliminated, more added value, if you want it to be passed from generation to generation as a family heirloom, so regularly maintain it.

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