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Carpet care and maintenance total solution
Beautiful carpet, like a woman's face, only often, nursing care on a regular basis in order to stay clean and beautiful. However, how to make your favorite carpet all dressed up for a long time? In fact, it's not difficult, apart from the need to have good habits, and proper use and maintenance is very important. Please note the following cleaning operations:
1) cleared up, family of used carpet, it is best to buy a vacuum cleaner in order to always clean up. Especially not to wait until there is more dirt into the carpet fibers and then clean up, just do regular maintenance, can extend about a year using a carpet cleaner to the carpet clean enough. You can use the brand reputation of dry foam detergents DIY or professional cleaning company for you?. If you are going to DIY, then you must step carefully in accordance with the instructions, and be sure to vacuum clean the carpet before using detergent. Don't hit the carpet too wet lest hurt? its organization back, let the carpet becomes very?? Easy to dry. If wet conditions are too severe, and may even begin to rot decay at the bottom.
2) even after using carpet for years, the best change of location so that they wear evenly. Once uneven in some places gently, gently enough ironing steam iron or hot towels can also be used.
3) contaminated after the stain out of the carpet to be cleared in a timely manner, but decontamination method must have the right way, here are several cleaning methods common stains:
Edible grease stains: with volatile solvents such as gasoline or carbon tetrachloride removal, stub to use alcohol to clean.
Soy sauce stains: soaks newly uses cold water to brush first, then uses the detergent to wash can be removed. Chen scrub stains with warm water add detergent and ammonia, then rinse with clean water.
Shoes grease stains: with gasoline, turpentine or alcohol wipe, then wash with SOAP.
Urine stains: new ammonia water fluid clean stains with warm water or 10%. Chen stains use detergent, then with ammonia water, woolen carpets with citric acid wash fruit juice soaks: by 5% ammonia water fluid clean first, and then use detergent again. But the effect of ammonia on wool carpet fibers are damaged and should minimize the use of generally available citric acid or SOAP, alcohol is also available. ice cream soaks: cleans with the gasoline.
Liquor soaks: soaks newly water used clean then. Chen soaks needs water used clean then. Chen soaks needs to use aqueous solutions of ammonia and borax to clear it. If the carpet is wool, silk material, use oxalic acid cleaning.
Coffee stains, tea stains: with ammonia water addition. Silk, wool carpets impregnated with oxalic acid cleansing agent cleanse again in 10-20 minutes, or wash it with 10% glycerol solution
Vomits soaks: one method is cleans with the gasoline later, then wipe with a 5% of ammonia, and wash with warm water. Another way is to use 10% of ammonia will vomit liquid wetting, then add liquid soap has alcohol wipe, and finally with detergent to clean.
Clear the method must also have the right to clean, does not damage carpets and stains as a step to expand the scope. So, wipe must pay attention to the following points:
1. First wipe from the edge of the stain, gradually narrowing to the Centre, prevent the stain from spreading.
2. Silk and wool carpets should not be cleaned with ammonia, alkaline water.
3. Oxalic acid is toxic and should be used diluted with warm water, concentrated acid easy wound fiber.
4. Wiping hard and should not be excessive, otherwise it will damage the fibrous tissue and superficial.
5. Potassium permanganate is a strong oxidant may harm the carpet color, and should be used with caution.
6. Turpentine, petrol is inflammable, closest to the fire.
7. Alcohol cannot be used with glass fiber.
4) after use wipe the carpet, the moisture sucked dry with a clean towel and tried to carpet to dry as soon as possible, but avoid sun exposure, so as not to fade. If you don't watch out carpet burn out marks, light bristle brush, which can cut some fluff the carpet at the corner, with adhesive in scorching, and then a book below, glue to dry, then Combs can be. Such as breaking the glass above the carpet just more trouble to clean. Available wide adhesive tape or a piece of cotton glued tiny glass water, and vacuum suction.

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