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Carpet dry cleaning or wet washing
Carpet cleaning method can be divided into the carpet dry cleaning and washing the carpet varieties, these two methods each have their respective characteristics and advantages and disadvantages, but we recommend that most people use wet cleaning methods.
Carpet: carpet dry cleaner main cleaner way is to use the center of the foam carpet cleaning machine foam boxes, bubbling Groove tools such as brushes, high water soaks the rug, made of foam on the surface of the carpet cleaner, dirt floating natural role in the bubble, bubble when the dirt into a powder with a vacuum cleaner to suck.
Advantages of carpet dry cleaning: quick-drying, easy, efficient, easy to shrink.
Carpet dry cleaning disadvantage: only clean the carpet surface, unable to deodorization, disinfection, pest control; scrubbing certain level damage carpet wool; carpet after water, high foam left on the carpet to carpet hair formation, especially poor quality carpeting the water seriously affects carpet appearance and even carpet brittle, loses its elasticity.
Carpet washing: main washing the carpet cleaning method is to use special detergents for carpet (high foam) diluted spray on the carpet and carpet cleaning machines cleaned, edge cleaning edge high power water pump the sewage drain and open the hair dryers blow dry the carpet, wait until the carpet dry cleaning comb hair.
Pros: deep complete removal, deodorization, disinfection, pest control.
Cons: heavy, slow drying and humidity, easy shrink; carpet in high humidity environment is easy with no air conditioning.

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