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Household cleaning taboo
1, the revertex floor water wash.
Water clean cleaning revertex floor can make cleaning agent and water and colloidal chemistry, resulting in floor degumming or pointing. Such as water spilled in plastic on the floor should be dried as soon as possible.
2, DermIS sofa cleans with the hot water.
DermIS sofa prohibited cleans with the hot water, or cortex distortion because of high temperature. May use the wet cloth to wipe, such as stained with grease, available dilution soapy water lightly.
3, pot cleaning wash the front does not wash back.
Both sides of pot cleaning immediately after use, and must be dried. But most people just wash washing the surface underlying habits is very wrong. Because the bottom of the pot, often covered with food when he returned to the sauce, if you do not clean the residue at the bottom, over time the thickness of the bottom gradually thickens; pot becomes more and more and will certainly affect the heat of cooking, so be sure to wash the front and back together, and then placed on the stove with fire drying, to remove moisture.
Ordinary detergent for 4, rattan furniture and polished.
The cane arranges the furniture with ordinary detergent cleaning, can damage the vines. Best to use a salt scrub, not only can the decontamination, would allow the rattan soft rich elasticity. Rattan chair dust, feather soft brush available from inside to outside to dust in the mesh. If the stain is too heavy, use detergent to wipe, then wipe it again. White cane and, finally, add a little vinegar, made with neutralized detergent to prevent discoloration. Cane dipped in baking soda and scrub with a brush, or you can remove obstinately is filthy.
5, water to clean computers, televisions and stereos.
Computers, TVs and stereos are precision machines, cleaning never use water to clean. When you clean the appliance, you can use Lightweight electrostatic dust brush to wipe the dust, and prevents static electricity. Appliances small holes used to plug headphones or buttons on the trench, usually using cotton swab cleaning. If dirt quite hard and can use the toothpick to clean, and can be easily removed.
Alcohol diluted to deal with sound and most appropriate keys on the computer, you can load the alcohol spray in the watering can on the button, and then wipe with a dry cotton cloth, you can remove stains, and disinfection. Meanwhile, fabric softener can also be handy in household cleaning, wipe the appliance with against the water softener, not touching it can make it in a week, with excellent results.
6, clean route when clutter.
Cleaning concrete policy is: from top to bottom, from inside, place the cleaning supplies in a bucket inside, keep them with you, and clean the room in a clockwise direction. Required cleaning tools set storage, and maintaining a clean room has been cleaned. Cleaning the home to catch some dirt.

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