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Teach you how to marble Crystal face care
Crystal marble maintenance care is the most effective, most sustainable and most economical method of care, and will not damage stone surfaces. Face care agent is not a light wax, polishing powder, unlike other products with the renovation, repair and other functions, it is a long term care products, it has hardened four functions, Burn in, slip, stain removal.
Scientific terms: nursing process is actually a Crystal surface chemistry, Crystal plane agent (acid) and stone materials (calcium carbonate) chemical reaction formed when chemical action when lime heating and hardening of the surface after cleaning the machine, heat wire cotton shipping to form hard calcium and light glass surfaces. Wire also has the effect of cotton are stain removal and absorption of some corrosion on the surface in wire sponge, has the effect of cleaning. Sprinkle each 2 square area of the Crystal plane agent prevail, need step by step-by-m Polish, enough is enough, whenever a Crystal plane agent is to clean the machine after working, stone sent glass light should be immediately shut down, or luminosity will be brought about by excessive friction heat damage, become counterproductive, especially in white stone.
1. the stone surface to dry and smooth, refurbished as possible after using the hair mats or nano-wool pad drying the surface temperature to around 50 degrees do Crystal face processing.
2. using a clean wire sponge and scouring pads.
3. better pay, stone makes a glass light should be immediately shut down.
4. it is advisable to use a neutral Crystal plane agent, neutral refurbished pulp.
Daily maintenance-Crystal stone hard treatment: this is the best way to maintain, as long as conditions are, and should be used in this way.
Tools and materials: stone machines (brush), a red scouring pad, watering cans, dust, Crystal hard surface treatment agent, ceramic powder.
Daily maintenance
Weekly 1-2 time machine Nano stone wool pads (scouring pad) (as 300-400 high speed machines better) in clean or wash the ground spray a small amount of Crystal surface treatment agent hard powder or Crystal (Crystal hardening powder with water and water depends on the humidity, should be more water when the weather is dry. ) 1-2 grams per square metre. Stone machine evenly and grinding to the light. Finally, dust push the dust of the ground and clean. Subparagraph should be abrasive, 1-2 square meters per segment. Scouring pads should be kept clean, and when stained with too much powder effect if found stained with dirt, in turn, used on the other side until both sides are stained after replacement of the piece. Depending on the area, bring enough of scouring pads, stain wash and dry before it can be used. Smooth dark surface, use wire scouring pads cotton pad, better results, but it should be noted that, the surface is not smooth, or stain steel cotton pad can cause the ground black.
Local maintenance
At the door and people walk the middle of the road laying waterproof mat to prevent sand scratch surface.
1-2 per month local maintenance, maintenance agent faces first put inside a spray bottle, shake even an alternate. Scouring machine with red stone the nursing pads or steel cotton pad, clean or wash the stones scattered on the spray on the surface of Crystal surface treatment agent, stone machine onto the ground (1-2 square meters), and then slowly and evenly dry grinding, visible and bright. So piece by piece.
Note that Crystal surface treatment agent in the grinding on the ground even if leave uneven shadows somewhere, plus a small amount of ground once again. Scouring pads are dry at the beginning, should add more Crystal surface treatment agent, then slightly decreased. Large work area, two stone machines as a set, one is responsible for the distribution of grinding, a charge of Polish, improve efficiency and results. Finally, dust push clean powder on the ground.

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