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How leather sofa maintenance?
Along with the continuous improvement of living standards, have an increasingly higher grades of leather sofa, especially the light of milky white and beige leather sofa, more and more of the family's favor. Enjoy the life of luxury sofas fun, will think of how to maintain a good sofa, how dirty the sofa cleaned, let the enjoyment of this life forever.
Maintenance leather sofa need to do the following two things:
1. leather sofa maintenance (new couch first maintenance)
Leather sofa to move back home, maintained by professional maintenance service specializing in the sofa the sofa was uniformly applied to the sofa's surface, forming a protective layer to avoid dirt, perspiration seeping into pores in the sofa and lay a firm foundation for future maintenance.
2. leather sofa maintenance (leather sofa maintenance)
Winter monthly "maintenance, wax" sofa cleaning maintenance time. Each should be serviced once a week in the summer. Don't dirty the sofa later to clean, it will be difficult to clean as it is. Many cleaners on the leather was hurt when clean is very difficult to see, time is the problem, real leather sofa, as well as the skin, must be maintained. Only regular maintenance can make your leather sofa like new for a long time, for your enjoyment of life.
3. leather sofa cleaning and maintenance attention:
(1) do not use tap water to clean leather sofas, long time will cause leather to become hard, soft feel lost;
(2) do not use detergent to clean sofas, one is making skin color; the second is to harden the cortex; once the sofa is dirty, always ask a professional sofa cleaning company for cleaning and maintenance.

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