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Household cleaning 5 major dispelling method
1, 300 grams of black tea bubble tea in two basins of water, into the room, and Windows that open air, within 48 hours of indoor formaldehyde concentration will decrease by more than 90%, irritant smell basic elimination.
2, buy 800 grams granulated activated carbon addition of formaldehyde. The activated carbon into 8 portions into dishes, each housing two or three dishes, 72-hour indoor odor can be removed.
3, prepares 400 grams of soot, was filled into the basin into the required addition of formaldehyde of indoor, can decreased the formaldehyde content within a week to a safe range. Method can also be applied to finished above free family, after all, some harmful substances is colorless and odorless, more clean, more security.
4, bubble tea, put it in the refrigerator, you can achieve the deodorizing effect. If there is no tea, lemons or oranges can also be cut, as long as half a small effect can be achieved. In addition to touch beer rag and wipe the refrigerator, odors will not hide.
5, put greenery in the family bathroom, air conditioning can be achieved, eliminate odor effect. Best pot plants in the window, or put a vase into 35 flowers can bring a refreshing feeling.

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